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Wooden Tie Probably Not Appropriate Attire If You Work Next To A Campfire

Wood Ties (Images courtesy The Green Head)
By Andrew Liszewski

Well here’s an interesting take on eco-friendly clothing. Instead of being made of fabrics from sustainable sources, or engineered materials that will stand the test of time. Wood Thumb makes their unique ties from upcycled, reclaimed wood. And it’s not like they’ve created a process that turns the wood into a pulp and eventually some wood fiber-based cloth. Nope, the ties are simply made from tie-shaped segments of wood held together with thick cords. At $34 for the large and/or small version they’re considerably cheaper than a silk alternative too. Just be aware, your hipster-fu needs to be through the roof to pull this look off.

[ Wood Thumb Wood Ties ] VIA [ The Green Head ]

  • Harmony Yoga Pants

    Very cool, a great alternative ‘fabric’