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Star Wars Inspired Limited Edition iPad 2 ClamCase

Star Wars Inspired Limited Edition iPad 2 ClamCase (Image courtesy ClamCase)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m sure there’s some kind of fiscal deterrent to creating an officially licensed Star Wars product (Lucasfilm probably gets a cut) but thankfully the films are so iconic you can tip toe around a license if you’re careful. Like what ClamCase has done with their limited edition THE TROOPER case which happens to be the first design in their INSPIRED SERIES.

If you’re unfamiliar with the product, the ClamCase is an over-the-top iPad case that basically turns your tablet into a makeshift laptop. Your iPad 2 sits in the top half of the case serving as the display, while the bottom half features a full QWERTY keyboard (with 14 extra function keys) connected via Bluetooth. This particular version also has “…a black hinge, keyboard, base and ergonomic rubber feet, providing an intergalactic contrast with the imperial white protective case.” It certainly helps make the iPad more useful for productivity than just media consumption, but for $149 you’re probably better off just getting a compact laptop.

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