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MAD’s Fold-In Collection Doesn’t Actually Let You Do Any Folding

MAD Fold-In Collection (Images courtesy Chronicle Books)
By Andrew Liszewski

I grew up (secretly) reading my dad’s MAD magazine collection from the late ’70s and early ’80s, and as a kid the best part was always the fold-in on the inside of the back cover. Which is why I’m excited for Chronicle Books’ new 4-volume MAD Fold-In Collection. It features all 410 Al Jaffee MAD fold-ins dating back to 1964, but unfortunately it doesn’t actually let you do any folding! Instead, the before and after images are presented side-by-side on every page. Now I can understand that the book is designed to be a collector’s item and showpiece for all of the artwork, but I think I’d still terribly miss aligning the A & B arrows, or trying to guess what the folded version will look like beforehand. Available now for $125.

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