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CineSkates Puts Wheels On Your Gorillapod

By David Ponce

Over the years we’ve written a few times about the Gorillapod, an extremely versatile camera tripod that can be used to take shots from unconventional places. It’s a great product, but it can be made better. Still images is not the only thing modern DSLRs are able to do: they also shoot great video. The only problem is stabilization.

Enter the Cineskates.

They transform the Gorillapod Focus into a camera dolly, with which you can do the following type of shots:

    Arcing shots that rotate around objects
    Sliding shots that push or pull the subject into focus
    Rolling shots that glide over the subject
    Time-lapse shots that move the camera slowly and smoothly
    Panning shots that scan a wide area
    “Worm’s eye view” shots that slide just above the floor

The entire system consists of the Cineskates (the wheels), a BallHead X joint, the Gorillapod Focus, a case and cleaning cloth. And the best news is that you can actually purchase this now, as the Kickstarter project associated with it has amply surpassed it’s $20,000 funding goals and should start shipping soon. Retail, the complete system will go for $350 but if you pledge now, you can have it for $275.

Hit the jump for a video and links.

[ Kickstarter Page ] AND [ Company Page ]