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The Looftlighter Could Be A Pyromaniac’s Dream

The Looftlighter Could Be A Pyromaniac’s Dream

By David Ponce

Don’t go lighting fires. It’s not cool. Unless you’re trying to get a BBQ or fireplace going. Then you could use the Looftlighter. It’s kind of a heat gun, except it blows out air at 1,200+ degrees and can get pretty much any combustible material flaming in seconds. No need for lighter fluid. It’s relatively safe as it only works when you press the button and has a safety casing that will cool down in a few seconds.

This has been around for a while, it seems, but I can’t find too much coverage on it so it can’t hurt to let you guys know about it. And while BBQ season might be coming to an end for some, hot fireplace season is just around the corner, right? The Looftlighter is $80.

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