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Animated Snake Wreath – Because There’s No Such Thing As Overdoing It When It Comes To Halloween Decorations

Martha Stewart Animated Snake Wreath (Image courtesy Grandin Road)
By Andrew Liszewski

Like it or not, Summer’s pretty much over. Kids will be returning to school soon, tourists will return to their podunk towns and the temperature will start plummeting. Most people lament the departure of the Summer months, but I tend to look at it as bing one step closer to Halloween. Not only is it never too soon to start planning your spooky decorations, but you can never have too much. Seriously, when have you ever looked at a house decorated for October 31st and admired it for being tastefully done? Never. Halloween’s all about going over the top, like hanging this tacky snake infested wreath on your front door. (Or every door in your house, if you’re doing things right.)

Available from Martha Stewart’s brand, the wreath is covered in rubber snakes that appear to have worked their way into every crevice. And thanks to a motion sensor, motors and a set of 4 x AA batteries, the snakes spring to life whenever anyone approaches. Well, more appropriately, the wreath starts shaking and vibrating so the rubber snakes appear to spring to life, while hissing and rattling sound effects are played. It’s $59 though, making it a great candidate for a DIY project.

[ Animated Snake Wreath ] VIA [ The Green Head ]

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