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Porsche Design Mouse And Mousepad

Porsche Design Mouse And Mousepad

Porsche Design Mouse And Mousepad (Image courtesy Porsche)
By Andrew Liszewski

Can’t afford a Porsche for your daily drive to work? There are still plenty of ways to impress your co-workers. And just because these PC accessories from Porsche Design won’t post a great lap time at the Nürburgring (much to Captain Slow’s delight) it doesn’t mean the person sharing your cubicle won’t eye your desk with envy.

Available from their online store, the Porsche 911-inspired mouse features the company’s logo printed on the rear as well as an aluminum scroll wheel, 2,000 dpi optical sensor and a 2.4 GHz wireless USB dongle. So it can certainly be used on any surface, but would probably feel most at home on the matching Porsche crest mousepad made of the same leather used in the vehicles’ interiors. Complete with an embossed logo at the top. Sold separately they each run ~$82 (£50) which is a little steep for a piece of leather, but not outrageously expensive for a mouse oddly enough.

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