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Amazing Solitaire Win Sculpture

Solitaire Win Sculpture (Images courtesy Skrekkøgle)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it’s probably been replaced by the internet as the most common procrastination tool at work, I still think that Solitaire, at least the version included with Windows over the years, has to be the most played video game of all time. In fact, unless you’re completely incapable of stacking cards, everyone who sees this post will probably instantly recognize where this art piece drew its inspiration. It was created by a design duo known as Skrekkøgle who, for whatever reason, decided that the mesmerizing falling cards animation when you win a game would make for a great 3D sculpture. And from the looks of it, they were right.

Solitaire Win Sculpture (Images courtesy Skrekkøgle)

The piece was made from over 1,000 cards which were printed and pasted onto black foam boards and then taped together. To really recreate the effect though, they had to do a lot of planning and strategically cut certain arcs of cards where they intersected with others. Calculating the logistics almost seems like it’s worthwhile recreating the whole thing in a 3D animation package first, though I’m not exactly sure what approach they took. Sadly, given the work that went into its creation it looks like it’s a one-off piece. So if you want your own, you better get started cutting out little foam boards.

[ Skrekkøgle – Solitaire Win ] VIA [ Fazed ]