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Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Desktop Jellyfish Tank (Image courtesy Jellyfish Art)
By Andrew Liszewski

Besides the sharks, and possibly the dolphins, the best part of any large scale aquarium is usually the jellyfish tank. Maybe it’s the special lighting that makes them glow so eerily, maybe it’s man’s deep down desires to spend our days lazily drifting through the water. Whatever it is, they’re mesmerizing. So Alex, an inventor with a background in biology and environmental science, has created a jellyfish tank that anyone can operate and maintain at home.

His company, Jellyfish Art, recently posted their ‘Desktop Jellyfish Tank’ To Kickstarter. After just one day they met their funding goal of $3,000. And at the time of writing, have actually raised more than $28,000. When available, the tank will sell for $350 (plus an additional $50 for a set of 3 jellyfish) which seems like a bargain given jellyfish can’t be tossed into just any old fish tank. This one has been specially designed so that they stay protected from the water intakes, which can of course be deadly to a jelly-based being. There’s even a specially engineered channel so they’re shielded from bubbles as they rise to the surface, as well as built-in filtration keeping the chemicals in the water properly in balance.

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