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Razer Mamba 4G Gaming Mouse Reviewed.  Verdict: A Very Worthy Successor

Razer Mamba 4G Gaming Mouse Reviewed. Verdict: A Very Worthy Successor

By Paul McCollum

While the sun may have set on the WoW culture of non-stop, never leave the house obsessed gamers, the love of PC gaming still lives on. Fans of faster games are as competitive as ever and always looking for every edge to get them one more capture or one more kill. Razer thrives of the frenzy of hardcore gamers and produces some of the finest gaming accessories available. Recently they updated their wildly popular Mamba mouse with dual sensors: laser and optical. Again the Mamba mouse has a split personality, it can operate in both wired and wireless modes.

Razer has also included highly customizable software for programming its 7 buttons and even the LED backlight color of the scroll wheel. Adaptive sensitivity and variable acceleration as well as other values can be saved into multiple profiles to accommodate different needs for games or work. Razer threw in more than a few updates to this now classic palm-fitting mouse and retained almost all of the attributes that made it great. To see more details on the upgrades and performance, check out the full review at Everything USB.

[ Full Review @ Everything USB ]

  • [PHD]Earthworm

    My experience with their ‘software’ has been less than stellar.  I have a left-handed DeathAdder, and have found their software upgrades to be less than quality assured.  Things like it wouldnt save the button configurations, or let me switch functions on the buttons, or if i plugged something else (like flash drive, ipod, etc) in it would make the mouse stop working.  Their tech support has been somewhat responsive, though no resolutions have been made besides using 3 version old software.

  • Nate Nielsen

    Awesome review, thanks!