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Concept Umbrella Funnels Water Down Into A Squirt Gun In The Handle

Squirt Gun Umbrella (Images courtesy Alex Woolley)
By Andrew Liszewski

It kind of defeats the purpose of carrying an umbrella on a rainy day to stay dry, but the kid in me (who pretty much runs the show) really likes this more entertaining take on the brolly. The tip of the canopy is actually sunken so it works like a funnel, channeling the rain drops down into a squirt gun that doubles as the umbrella’s handle. As long as you’re the only one carrying around this special umbrella you’ll stay completely dry, while the random strangers you pass on the street won’t know what hit them. It was created by Alex Woolley as a concept piece sadly, and I’m almost certain it hasn’t gone into production. Otherwise there’d be one hanging on my door already.

[ Alex Woolley – Encouraging Adults to Play in the Rain ] VIA [ Fancy ]


    unbelievably, it’s made for… “adults”

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure pointing a gun at random strangers will generate quite a reaction, but I bet it’s not one of joy or playfulness!