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70’s (Millennium) Falcon Coffee Table

70’s (Millennium) Falcon Coffee Table

70's (Millennium) Falcon Coffee Table (Images courtesy R9)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m marking down August 11, 2011 in my calendar as the day I found a better way to spend $1,500+ (£950). R9’s custom coffee tables are clearly not sanctioned by Lucasfilm, hence the fact they refer to this beauty as the ’70’s Falcon’ table. The under-the-glass centerpiece is made from cold cast bronze with a retro wood grain veneer, tying it back to the design of the rest of the table and its wood base. This particular table is shown as being ‘Sold’ on the R9 website, which makes me wonder if it’s a one-off piece, but I’m sincerely hoping it’s not.

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