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Sharp Somehow Finds A Way To Make Energy Efficient LED Lighting Exciting To Me

Sharp LED ELM Lighting (Images courtesy DigInfo)
By Andrew Liszewski

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand how important energy efficient lighting can be. But at the same time I find it difficult to get that excited over new innovations or related products. So kudos to Sharp for not only creating what they claim to be the world’s most energy efficient ceiling light, but also kind of making me want one. Their ELM or ‘Eco Lighting Management’ lights use the same type of highly efficient LEDs used in LCD TVs, along with direct illumination techniques which allows for a “luminous efficiency of 81.3 lumens per watt” making it the world’s most energy efficient… for the time being.

But that’s not what really interests me about these lights. What I like is that you can adjust the brightness and color tone using an included wireless remote, with a total of 103 variations between the two for creating the perfect ambiance. They can also be dimmed to serve as a subtle nightlight in a room, and even have sleep timer options via the remote which will gradually fade the light off as you fall asleep. The lights will be available as soon as August 27 in 3 different sizes. Ranging in price from ~$460 (¥35,000) for the smallest model, to ~$720 (¥55,000) for the largest.

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