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Timberland Radler Trail Camp Shoes Zip Into Themselves For Easier Travel

Timberland Radler Trail Camp Shoes (Images courtesy Timberland)
By Andrew Liszewski

Having an extra pair of shoes when traveling is a real asset, if you can find the room to pack them. Whether you need to switch to a dry pair, or a different pair altogether when battling blisters, it’s a worthwhile bit of extra weight. And Timberland has just made it a bit easier to toss an extra pair of shoes in your suitcase, or clip them to the outside of your pack, with their new Radler Trail Camp Shoes. They’re a low-cut pair of thick-soled, outdoor-friendly trail shoes that zip into themselves thanks to a compact and thin upper design.

Made from waterproof, ripstop fabric and durable soles composed of 42% recycled rubber, the Radlers might not be ideal for extreme hiking situations given the lack of ankle support, but for light trail walking and life around camp they look pretty rugged. And when zipped shut they can be clipped to the outside of your bag. Personally I think it would be far more ideal if the shoes zipped into themselves the other way, containing the dirty soles so they could be easily thrown in a bag of clothing, but I can still appreciate their space-saving design. And at $65 they’re not terribly expensive either.

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