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Jell-O’s Creepy ‘Pudding Face’ Billboard Reflects The Mood On Twitter

Jell-O’s Creepy ‘Pudding Face’ Billboard Reflects The Mood On Twitter

Jell-O's Pudding Face Billboard (Images courtesy PSFK & Adweek)
By Andrew Liszewski

Well, I’ve found the source of my nightmares for the next 3 weeks, and it comes in the form of Jell-O’s latest advertising campaign. It started out with a website featuring a giant face that frowns or smiles based on the general mood on Twitter; a larger percentage of smiley faces being tweeted results in a smile, while a larger percentage of frowns results in – you guessed it – a frown!

But the campaign is being taken to a whole new level with the recent installation of a billboard in Manhattan that features an even larger, mechanical 3D version of the face that physically smiles or frowns based on Twitter’s mood. I’m happy I don’t work in an office overlooking the ad, because even when smiling it sends shivers down my spine. So thank you Crispin Porter + Bogusky, I’ll never eat pudding the same way again!

[ Jell-O Pudding Face ] VIA [ PSFK ]


2 responses to “Jell-O’s Creepy ‘Pudding Face’ Billboard Reflects The Mood On Twitter”

  1. Mark 2000 says:

    The biggest problem isn’t the disturbing mouth, but the fact that the rest of his face – his eyes, cheeks, forehead – don’t smile with him.

  2. Foren says:

    How can there be a “general mood on Twitter”?  Mood about what?