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JAVOedge Mini Stylus Tethers To Your Dock Connector

JAVOedge Mini Stylus Tethers To Your Dock Connector

JAVOedge Mini Stylus (Images courtesy JAVOedge)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s nothing stopping you from using a stylus with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. But since the UI on all of those devices was designed to be used with your fingers, they don’t include one. Thankfully there’s a mountain of third party stylus options available, but again, since the iDevices aren’t necessarily stylus driven, there’s no handy place to stash or store one on them. An accessories company called JAVOedge has found one though. Their Mini Stylus simply connects to an iDevice’s dock connector, ensuring it’s always accessible and available just hanging off the bottom.

Since it’s designed to be used with both the iPad and the iPhone/iPod Touch, it has a stubbier form factor so that when connected to the latter devices it doesn’t hang off the side. But according to The Gadgeteer, that also happens to be its biggest folly. It makes it hard to hold and use the stylus for anything other than simple tasks. And since your fingers end up being so close to the display when holding it, it also tends to obscure what you’re doing. So I have to agree with their conclusion that for just $9.95 (in black or white) it’s at least a handy alternative to operating your iOS device’s touchscreen display when wearing gloves. But not necessarily a finger alternative you can comfortably use all the time.

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