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Mattel’s New Trap Prop Replica Will Have Ghostbusters Fans Rejoicing

Mattel’s New Trap Prop Replica Will Have Ghostbusters Fans Rejoicing

Mattel Ghostbusters Trap Prop Replica (Images courtesy /Film & The RPF Forum)
By Andrew Liszewski

Building your own replica prop is a true sign of devotion to whatever you’re a fan of, but it’s also nice when a big company does that hard work for you. At Comic-Con a few weeks ago Mattel unveiled their new Ghostbusters ghost trap prop replica that will go on sale in October for $135, and it looks like they’ve really gone the extra mile.

The trap has two modes, ‘prop’ and ‘movie’ mode. In the prop mode the doors open and the trap lights up when you step on the tethered pedal, including all of the blinking status and indicator lights to indicate a ghost has been caught and detained once it’s closed. In the movie mode it’s pretty much the same thing, except that the light show is far more animated, there’s additional sound effects that play as you open and close the trap’s doors, and it will even bounce around and shake afterwards simulating a ‘real’ ghost trapped inside. The cartridge that holds the ghost can even be removed for disposal, though the laser-grid protected Ecto-Containment Unit where you’d do so isn’t included.

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  • Matthew Anziulewicz

    They should have a big Hologram of Slimer when the trap is open