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Stain By Number Tea Towels

Stain By Number Tea Towels

Stain By Number Tea Towels (Image courtesy WorldWideFred)
By Andrew Liszewski

You never have to be ashamed of your dirty kitchen tea towels again with these artistically inspired alternatives from World Wide Fred, available sometime this Fall. They come in a pack of 3 and each towel features a paint-by-number stenciled still life or landscape painting. But instead of paint, you’re supposed to stain the towel with various foodstuffs. On each towel there’s a legend letting you know which food each number refers to, from blueberry jam to lemon meringue to pestos and wines. And like any paint-by-number canvas, you’re of course free to experiment and paint as you wish. But if the results don’t turn out ‘van Gogh’ enough for you, you can try again next week after they come out of the wash.

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