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Coca-Cola Teams Up With The Red Cross In Japan – Creates Vending Machines That Accept Donations

Red Cross Charity Donation Vending Machine (Images courtesy Japan Trends)
By Andrew Liszewski

According to Japan Trends, the country currently has the highest number of vending machines per capita in the entire world. About one for every 23 citizens. So the Japanese Red Cross has teamed up with Coca-Cola to create a special vending machine that makes it very easy to donate towards the disaster relief efforts still underway there.

In addition to purchasing a beverage, there are two extra option buttons allowing users to donate either ¥10 or ¥100 (very small amounts) as part of their purchase. The machines are branded with the organization’s iconic red cross so they stand out among the sea of other vending machines, and until September 100% of the donations will go directly towards the earthquake relief efforts there. After that, all the donations will still go to the Japanese Red Cross, but will be used for other purposes as well.

[ Japan Trends – Red Cross Charity Donation Vending Machine ]


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