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Folding Canoe Fits In A Backpack

Folding Canoe Fits In A Backpack

Adhoc Folding Canoe (Image courtesy designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Boy Scouts of America’s motto is simple: “Be prepared.” And with this folding canoe strapped to their backs, they’ll certainly be one step closer to that goal – at least when it comes to flash floods. Created by Tsor Design’s Ori Levin, the Adhoc canoe (more like a kayak actually) weighs in at just 4.1 kg and can be collapsed into a backpack-sized package that’s easy to carry. It’s made from carbon fiber for the hull and support struts, as well as aramid, a strong, light, heat-resistant synthetic fiber used in body armor and racing sails.

It can be assembled in a mere 5 minutes, and broken down probably even quicker, making it the ideal companion for a portaging adventure. But the slightly exotic materials it’s made from ensure it would definitely be on the pricier side were it to ever go into production.

[ Tsor – industrial design ] VIA [ designboom ]