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3-Ring BinderPad iPad Case Makes Me Wish I Was Going Back To School In September

BinderPad iPad Case (Images courtesy ZooGue)
By Andrew Liszewski

I used to think my Trapper Keeper binder was the epitome of high-tech learning. Heck, I’m pretty sure I even had a calculator that attached to the 3-ring bindings inside. But I might as well have been carrying around a chalkboard compared to what today’s kids get to tote around at school. ZooGue’s BinderPad case is really just another iPad-friendly polyester sleeve, with cutouts providing access to the display and hardware buttons. But it sets itself apart with an extra flap punched with 3 holes allowing it to clip-in to a 3-ring binder, not unlike my old calculator used to. Except that the iPad can be used for way more than just spelling out you-know-what. $29.99, available now in black or grey finishes.

[ iPad 2 BinderPad Pouch ] VIA [ Cool Hunting ]

  • David – Front Side Bus

    This looks pretty nice. If you had this I’m pretty sure all the other kids would be quite envious.

  • Eric de Jesus

    Awww man. and I just graduated two years ago. If the schools of today are going to use an iPad, I’d wish I’d study again. Maybe even take my masterals and use an iPad to study. lol It’s cool how the gadget world goes. But the problem would always be the price to pay.

  • Tablet Cases

    nice concept. i like those 3 rings. can probably hang this one up somewhere too