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Recycled Cardboard Cooler Boxes

Recycled Cardboard Cooler Boxes

Recycled Cardboard Cooler Boxes (Images courtesy Cascades)
By Andrew Liszewski

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to a styrofoam ‘Esky’ when you’re heading out for a camping adventure? These coolers are made from 70% recycled cardboard while still working just as effectively as their styrofoam counterparts. With just two bags of ice they’ll keep food and beverages cold at around 41°F degrees for 36 hours when ambient temperatures are around 77°F outside. (That 36 hours obviously gets a lot shorter when the thermometer rises.)

The inside and outside of the box are covered with a ‘NorSheild’ waterproof coating which means it’s ok to get it wet, and allows it to be used again and again without the cardboard turning to mush. And when it reaches the end of its lifespan, you can just toss it in your recycling bin. $14.99 each as part of an introductory offer. After that you’re looking at $19.99 per box.

[ Recycled Cardboard Cooler Boxes ] VIA [ Motley Food & The National Post ]


One response to “Recycled Cardboard Cooler Boxes”

  1. Vincent Cloutier-Naud says:

    Interesting product if you don’t have a lot of space in your small appartment. Nice design!