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Evolution Neck Pillow Looks More Like A Step Back

Evolution Neck Pillow Looks More Like A Step Back

Evolution Neck Pillow (Images courtesy Cabeau)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve given up the hope of ever being able to comfortably sleep on a plane years ago. It’s a combination of being too tall, and never wanting to look like these people. Now I’ll acknowledge that those inflatable neck pillows do help some people sleep on flights, and are a decent compromise since they can be easily stashed away. These Evolution neck pillows, however, do not. They’re made with memory foam so they’re always going to be as big as a carry-on bag. Not to mention that wearing one makes you look like you’re recovering from a severe neck trauma. And the slot on the side that awkwardly holds your phone or MP3 player? Let’s just say while wearing this you have a good chance of being thrown off the flight by an air marshall for looking ridiculous. $34.99 available from Cabeau.

[ Evolution Neck Pillow ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

  • Ryan Thomas

    I couldn’t disagree more, Andrew. Did you actually buy and use the Evolution pillow? If you did, then you’d know that it folds up into a small carrying pouch, so transporting is pretty easy. And, although I don’t usually listen to music, I don’t see how the pouch on the side is at all awkward. Most importantly though, it actually DOES work (unlike most neck pillows — trust me, I’ve tried them all…lol). It’s surprisingly comfortable and with this one I’m actually able to sleep on the plane. You really should try it for yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I think the black one put that young woman in a sleeper hold! Air Marshall save her!