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The Jedi Path Manual Doesn’t Come With Midi-chlorians – Makes Up For It With Cool Packaging

Star Wars - The Jedi Path (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t care how many times you read and re-read The Jedi Path manual, without even the tiniest sprinkling of Midi-chlorians you’re never going to become a Jedi. But that’s ok. Because as a way to say “we’re sorry for everyone who actually thought this fake Jedi training manual would work”, Lucasfilm has gone and wrapped it in one of the coolest packages I’ve ever seen. Sure, ebooks might be more convenient, but with a push of a button the metal doors on this miniature vault slide open to reveal a copy of The Jedi Path inside. Which then rises up complete with lights and sound effects. Try that with your Kindle. If any of my textbooks in university had come packaged this way, I might have actually read them.

The book has actually been available for almost a year now, and we’re not sure how it slipped past our radar. On the plus side though, it’s given it time to drop from it’s original $99.99 price tag on Amazon, to just $57.31 now.

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