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Pose Camera Case

Pose Camera Case

Pose Camera Case (Images courtesy Quirky)
By Andrew Liszewski

The obvious advantage to carrying a P&S digital camera is that they’re small and compact. But in order to keep it safe, you probably want a case for it. And if you happen to use it for a lot of group shots including yourself, a tripod or mount becomes a handy thing to bring along. And then suddenly your compact digital camera isn’t quite so compact with a bag full of accessories tagging along. So the Pose from Quirky manages to merge a few of those items together, helping to keep your P&S camera easy to carry.

First and foremost it’s a zip-up case that’s easy on the eyes with its rubber web-like design on the outside, which also happens to make it weather resistant. But when fully unzipped the Pose serves as a pretty functional and flexible tripod/camera mount. Literally. From the looks of it, hidden away inside the case is a series of bendable metal wires that allow it to be shaped into a stand, or wrapped around a pole. Allowing for hands-free and stable photography. That fancy rubber outer finish also provides an extra bit of grip when the case is used as a stand, and on the inside you’ll find a quick-release tripod mount making it easy to attach or remove your camera.

It’s $23.99 when purchased from Quirky as a presale item. But if and when they sell the 1,000 needed for it to go into production, the price goes up to $29.99.

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