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Tie Clip Cooling Fan

Tie Clip Cooling Fan

Tie Clip Cooling Fan (Images courtesy Thanko)
By Andrew Liszewski

I can’t imagine anything worse than having to wear a tie, in any weather. But in the summertime when temperatures soar? No climb up the corporate ladder is worth that torture. Not even with this ridiculous tie clip, from who other than Thanko, which features a fan hidden on the back designed to keep cool air blasting through your dress shirt. It honestly looks like your standard PC cooling fan, and it probably is, since it’s designed to draw power from your computer’s USB port, or from a none-too-subtle 2xAA battery pack you slip in your shirt pocket. It will also cost you ~$31 (¥2,480) which is probably ~$30 more than it costs to make, adding to the ridiculousness.

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