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Future of Cloud Computing Services

Future of Cloud Computing Services

This is a guest post.

Every business has two obstacles: time and money. While it’s always good to take advantage of the newest technology, usually there is a big price to pay in terms of capital commitment. After all, you have to purchase the hardware, sign extended service agreements, train your staff new processes, and then hope it interfaces well with the infrastructure you’ve already built.

These concerns can be minimized if not eliminated when you take advantage of cloud computing services. Just like a cell phone with a pay as you go plan, AT&T’s cloud services services are scalable based on your needs. If you have a sudden rush of orders or need a new application now, you can quickly implement what you need and dial back down later when the need is gone.

As we become increasingly more connected with Smartphones, Tablet PCs, and of course traditional PCs, your company needs to have the flexibility to serve all of those needs within your network. Cloud computing is a flexible cost-effective alternative for delivering IT services across your entire organization from any physical location.

Since cloud services are network based, you need to choose your provider wisely. AT&T has 99.9% network availability as well as enterprise security measures built in to ensure maximum performance without sacrificing security.

If you would like to learn more about cloud computing and the services that AT&T offers, please download this white paper from AT&T: Cloud Services: What Are They, What Value Do They Provide?