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Logitech’s Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard Is A Slick Alternative To Apple’s Own

Logitech’s Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard Is A Slick Alternative To Apple’s Own

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad (Image courtesy Logitech)
By Andrew Liszewski

Until a few minutes ago I had never considered using something other than Apple’s own sleek, wireless Bluetooth keyboard with my iOS devices. But Logitech’s wireless Tablet Keyboard immediately caught my eye. Its design looks like it borrows a lot from Apple’s keyboard, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. From the bulge at the top which houses its 4xAAA batteries, to its low-profile Chiclet-style keys. It’s even got a set of double-duty media playback/number keys along the top row, and the included carrying case not only protects it when stashed away, but also serves as an adjustable stand for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

It’s even just a touch smaller than Apple’s keyboard, except when it comes to price. Logitech is asking $79.99 for theirs, which is $10 more than Apple’s. (There’s also a separate version available for Android 3.0+ tablets, though I can’t seem to discern a difference between the two.)

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  • Anonymous

    Oh man… I like this. Now this, or HP’s keyboard. What can I say, I like black.

  • James Grahame

    It lists for $69 in the US and will probably be sharply discounted. That doesn’t really explain why it’s $10 more in Canada (not that it’s available yet up here).

  • mauiguava

    and hows that stand? not! i saw a bunch of reviews on the spiderpodium tablet stand and picked up a couple kicks you know what