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Sleepy Bunny Puppy Companion

Sleepy Bunny Puppy Companion

Sleepy Bunny (Images courtesy Firebox)
By Andrew Liszewski

Awwww, is there anything more adorable than a sleeping puppy? Besides yours truly, probably not. But that cuteness can be short lived when a new puppy has trouble sleeping through the night because of separation anxiety from its mother and siblings. So here’s a high-tech alternative to a ticking clock designed to help them feel like they’re not alone. The Sleepy Bunny is a stuffed toy rabbit with a removable, battery-powered heart that simulates a heartbeat. Presumably using sounds and vibrations. It’s available from Firebox for ~ $25, and once your puppy has gotten adjusted to their new home you can simply remove the electronic heart and use the bunny as a regular dog toy.

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