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Neostitch iPhone 4 Case Lets You Cross-stitch Your Own Custom Design

Neostitch iPhone 4 Case (Images courtesy Connect design)
By Andrew Liszewski

You’d think by now the world would have run out of ideas for unique iPhone cases. But this one from Korean company Connect design brings a new twist. Instead of coming with some pre-made design or graphic, it’s perforated with a grid of tiny holes allowing you to use a needle and thread to create a cross-stitch design. It looks like the case comes in your choice of six different base colors, and possibly a few spindles of colored thread to get you started. It’s only $18 too, and based on the endless number of pixel art designs you can find online, it seems particularly well-suited for retro gaming fans.

[ Neostitch iPhone 4 Case ] VIA [ HolyCool ]