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Appropriately Blinged Out Gold ‘$4’ Replacement Key

Appropriately Blinged Out Gold ‘$4’ Replacement Key

Gold Key $4 (Image courtesy chi ha paura)
By Andrew Liszewski

If there was one key on your keyboard that deserved to be blinged out in gold, the #4 key would certainly be it. I mean it’s already sporting a mean ‘$’ tattoo above the 4, so why not go all the way and give it the extra street cred it so obviously deserves. ‘chi ha paura… ?’ will sell you one on a custom-made basis, so you know they’re probably not going to come cheap. And hopefully they’ll design it to match whatever keyboard you’re using. Since the product shot looks like it’s on an old IBM Model M, which aren’t so easy to come by these days.

[ chi ha paura – ‘Gold Key $4’ ] VIA [ Fancy ]