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Holga’s TIM Has Two Lenses, But Doesn’t Force 3D Down Your Throat

Holga’s TIM Has Two Lenses, But Doesn’t Force 3D Down Your Throat

Holga TIM (Image courtesy Photojojo)
By Andrew Liszewski

Proving that there’s still a lot of fun to be had with film and in-camera effects, Holga’s TIM or ‘Twin Image Maker’ camera lets you create half-frame exposures, color effects through flash filters, multi-exposure shots and yes, even 3D images, if you must. The camera’s smiling face includes its dual lenses for eyes, a grinning mouth for controlling the aperture and eyebrows which allow you to individually open and close each lens. Allowing you to create a different exposure on either side of the photo using its multiple exposure button.

Holga TIM (Image courtesy Photojojo)

TIM also comes with an optional flash with a set of permanently mounted color filters that can be rotated in place as needed. All-in-all you should have over 50 different “shooting experiments” and effects combinations using all of camera’s functionality, and yes, if you leave both of the lenses open while taking a photo they’re far enough apart to create a convincing 3D effect. But thankfully that’s not all this camera’s about. Available from Photojojo for $50 on its own, or $60 if you want the flash as well.

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