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Miniature Keychain Lomo Cameras

Miniature Keychain Lomo Cameras

Miniature Keychain Lomo Cameras (Images courtesy Rakuten)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t think the fact that these miniature, keychain-sized Lomography cameras don’t actually work will stop hipsters from quickly snatching up the entire collection. Made from ABS plastic these tiny cameras are about 20% the size of the full scale versions they represent, and the collection includes some of the more popular Lomos like the Lubitel+, the Diana F+, the Fisheye 2 and the LOMO LC-A+. They can be hung from your cellphone, worn as jewelry or even strapped to the real Lomo you carry around all day. (How meta!) And to further sweeten the deal each miniature Lomo comes in a small metal tin that’s roughly the same size as a film canister. Available from Dream In Plastic for just $7 each.

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