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Crap Up Your iPhone Even More With These Home Button Stickers

Crap Up Your iPhone Even More With These Home Button Stickers

iPhone Home Sticker Buttons (Images courtesy Strapya World)
By Andrew Liszewski

I grimace and shudder when I see an iPhone that’s been ‘bedazzled’ or stuck in a case that greatly diminishes its original sleek form factor. So you can probably hear my eyes rolling from half-way ’round the world at these Touch Me! stickers designed to spruce up the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad’s home button.

Strapya World is currently selling three sets (~$5 for 6 stickers) that look like buttons, donuts and more colorful versions of the original home button. One small advantage these buttons might have is that they’re convex instead of concave, so they bulge out from the iDevice’s surface, making them easier to press. But that added bit of thickness could make it hard to use certain sleeve cases designed to hug each device closely, so buyer beware. Also, they’ll make your phone look like it was decorated by a teenage girl. I’m just sayin’…

[ Strapya World – Touch Me! Button Sticker for iPhone, iPod and iPad ] VIA [ Inventor Spot ]

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