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Lady Killer Vol.1 Robotic Arm Ring Box – How Romantic!

Lady Killer Vol.1 Robotic Arm Ring Box (Images courtesy Atelier Ted Noten & Laikingland)
By Andrew Liszewski

Looking for a romantic yet nerdy way to propose to that special someone? If they happen to have a fondness for industrial engineering you’ll be sure to get an emphatic “yes!” if you do it with this stark white robotic arm in a box, created by Atelier Ted Noten with Laikingland. The arm was made using the latest 3D printing technologies and sits in wait inside a transparent box until you press a single button. It then slowly and dramatically unfolds and extends until it presents the ring to your significant other. And in this case, though it’s hard to see in the photos, the ring is actually a miniature gold handgun with a diamond exploding from the barrel. But we’re pretty sure you can swap your own in. Available come October in a limited run of just 18 pieces, plus 2 artist proofs.

[ Laikingland – Lady Killer Vol.1 ] VIA [ designboom ]

  • Anonymous

    Because this is so much more romantic than the guy getting down on one knee 😉