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? “I See The CFL Moon Rising” ?

? “I See The CFL Moon Rising” ?

CFL Moon by Wang Yuyang (Image courtesy arthub)
By Andrew Liszewski

Not only has Beijing-based artist Wang Yuyang created one of the more unique artistic representations of the Earth’s moon that I’ve ever seen, but it also happens to be the most eco-friendly. At least when it comes to power usage because the miniature moon, which measures 13 feet across, is self-illuminated by an outer wrapping of compact fluorescent bulbs that are strategically positioned and shaped to reflect the features of the real moon’s surface, including craters and other landmarks. There are unfortunately still plenty of reasons why CFL bulbs are just as un-ecofriendly as incandescent bulbs though (i.e. mercury vapor) so here’s to hoping that the crane keeping this piece aloft doesn’t decide to pull a Times Square new years’ countdown with it.

[ arthub – Artificial Moon by Wang Yuyang on site, Xujiahui park ] VIA [ Apartment Therapy Unplggd ]