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Simple Silicone ‘Link’ Kitchen Tool Turns (Almost) Any Two Items Into Tongs

Link Kitchen Tool (Images courtesy studio dreimann)
By Andrew Liszewski

Once again it’s the simplest of gadgets that seem like they could completely change your life. Well, maybe that’s getting a bit carried away. But I still think the Link, created by Konstantin Slawinski of Hannover, Germany-based studio dreimann, is brilliantly clever. It’s a moulded piece of soft silicone with a couple of X-shaped slots that let you insert any two kitchen utensils, turning them into a pair of tongs. Genius! So instead of having to buy the right tool for the job, which may end up buried in a drawer most of the time, you can simply build one yourself from what you already have on hand. So if anyone has any idea where this can be purchased, we’re all ears.

[ Link ] VIA [ BLTD ]