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Deal Of The Day: Dell Inspiron One, All-In-One Machine For $500

Deal Of The Day: Dell Inspiron One, All-In-One Machine For $500

By David Ponce

All-in-ones are interesting machines, if only because they look like they’re trying to please you. It’s like they’re saying, “hey, like me, because everything you need is in one place!” And indeed, we have been known to show our affections to a few. The model currently on special, the Dell Inspiron One 2305, was going for $649 six months ago. That price has now dropped to $500 with today’s $100 coupon. For that price, you’re buying a 23-inch machine with “dual-core AMD processors and ATI HD4270 graphics but upgradable to multi-touch display, quad-core processors, dedicated graphics and more.” Here’s what one reviewer had to say about it:

“Dell’s higher-end Inspiron One 2305 has everything we’d look for in a home entertainment PC. It’s not the fastest computer out there, but it’s capable where it counts, and even plays some games. Forgive Dell’s intrusive bundled backup software and you’ll walk away with one of the better Windows-based all-in-ones available.”

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