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Pedal Powered School Bus – Not So Magic Now Huh Kids?

Pedal Powered School Bus – Not So Magic Now Huh Kids?

Pedal Powered School Bus (Images courtesy Bicycle Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

I bet those over-privileged kids who went on all those Magic School Bus adventures wouldn’t be so keen on flying around the universe if Ms. Frizzle had opted for this eco-friendly pedal powered model instead. (That’s right, I read books written for children!) Designed and built in the Netherlands by De Café Racer, the bus-bike can accomodate 10 kids and an adult driver. And I imagine there isn’t a school bus driver on the planet who wouldn’t love a solution like this that puts the kids to work, tiring them out after the first mile. But since kids are notoriously lazy, the bus-bike also has an auxiliary electric motor if the driver’s not so keen on pedaling 10 kids home who refuse to help.

[ Pedal Powered School Bus ] VIA [ Bicycle Design ]


2 responses to “Pedal Powered School Bus – Not So Magic Now Huh Kids?”

  1. ….and two kids in first row, and at least two kids in last row… so teachers place wins safety tests.. does this looks normal for you? also teacher will look back and force all the time to see children and will definitely loose the road… this is very-very-very stupid device!

  2. John Kettles says:

    Party pooper!  I think it would be great, if the roads around were safe.  Don’t know where that place is though, but definitely NOT a STUPID idea.  It’s forward thinking to the future!