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Florafil Wraps Unuglify Your Cables

Florafil Wraps Unuglify Your Cables

Florafil Wraps (Images courtesy Tanya Da Cruz)
By Andrew Liszewski

Another day, another charming way to wrangle and hide the ugly mess of cables marring the otherwise tidy aesthetics of your office or living room. This time around it’s Italy-based designer Tanya Da Cruz’s creation she calls Florafil. Once again embracing the concept of mother nature and free-flowing vines and foliage, Florafil is a flexible green rubber hose that’s adorned with tiny offshoots and leaves. It certainly doesn’t hide your wires and cables, but instead stops them from being an eyesore, even when run directly across your walls. I assume if they were actually available for sale they’d be sold in modular pieces, including branching joints. But they’re not, so the world may never know…

[ Florafil Cable Wraps ] VIA [ Design Milk ]