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Scribbly Touchscreen Stylus For You Whiteboard Fans

Scribbly Touchscreen Stylus (Image courtesy Scribbly)
By Andrew Liszewski

Their claim of it being the “the ultimate stylus for your iPad or iPhone” is a bit dubious and certainly up for debate. But the makers of the Scribbly clearly come from a background in brainstorming since their touchscreen friendly stylus looks and feels like a plump whiteboard marker. Even the tip, which is obviously made from conductive material, has the same chunky properties of a whiteboard marker. In fact the only thing missing is the small assortment of primary colors and that weird chemical smell that you know deep down just can’t be good for you in the long run. At the moment the Scribbly is still “Coming soon” but will eventually sell for ~$16 (£10).

[ Scribbly ] VIA [ PSFK ]

  • Anonymous

     This could actually be a very useful iPad/iPhone accessory. In stead
    of having to print papers our and write all over them, business
    professionals could make write and scribble right on their iPad!