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HoodieBuddie Now Does T-Shirts, Despite Their Name

HoodieBuddie Now Does T-Shirts, Despite Their Name

HoodieBuddie T-Shirts (Images courtesy HoodieBuddie)
By Andrew Liszewski

The last time we checked in with HoodieBuddie they were staying true to their name with a line of hoodies that featured headphones built into the drawstrings. It certainly helped deal with the often annoying headphone cable that’s become the bane of a lot of our existences, except when the temperatures outside get too warm to wear a hoodie. For those times the company now sells a line of t-shirts featuring a pair of earbuds sticking out of the collar.

Like with the HoodieBuddie, the HBTees include a handy pocket, on the side this time, where you can connect and stash your MP3 player. And the shirts are just as machine washable as the company’s hoodies, headphones included. You’ll just need to hang dry them since the extremely hot temperatures of a dryer will presumably melt those electronicy bits. And at $20 a pop, available in 8 different styles and colors, they’re not terribly expensive either.

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