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Branch Holder – Long Live Imagination

Branch Holder – Long Live Imagination

Branch Holder (Images courtesy Naama Agassi)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m a big advocate of toys that stimulate a child’s imagination. So Naama Agassi’s clever Branch Holder brought a smile to my face. It’s a simple piece of flexible moulded rubber with holes at either end so it can be slipped onto a tree branch, making it look more like a sword. It also serves as a functional fingerguard, which isn’t a bad idea given my scarred knuckles reflect the wounds from a childhood spent tree branch duelling. Sadly, I see no indication that the Branch Holder is actually available for sale anywhere.

[ Naama Agassi – Branch Holder ] VIA [ Fancy ]


2 responses to “Branch Holder – Long Live Imagination”

  1. Nice! I was “Stick fencing” when I was a kid. Cmon. No price? Well, this should be sold for a bout 3 dollars or so. Stick fencing is a part of most people’s childhood. I loved doing this when i was a kid. We even used vines for whips and some sticks as spears or javelins. we only hit targets for those tho. We’re afraid of giving bubus to anyone back then.