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Rifle Umbrella Is Just A Terrible, Terrible Idea

Rifle Umbrella (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

The recent rash of sword-inspired umbrella handles walk the line between being humorous novelty items, and an easy way of getting kicked out of an airport. This Rifle Umbrella takes things to the next level, but manages to be completely devoid of any kind of novelty value. Instead, it’s a sure fire way to get kicked out of any public establishment, from stores to restaurants to even public transit. And I’m fairly certain if you even dare walk into an airport carrying an umbrella with a realistic wood stock handle and rifle barrel tip, you’ll probably be arrested on the spot. It’s available from Brando in two sizes for $19 or $28, but just don’t.

[ Rifle Umbrella ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]

  • Adan Lopez

    yeah. real smart. real smart.

  • DonM

    But it would be super ok if the umbrella had an orange tip on it…Then it would be like an ironic imitation kids toy… Right?