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DrawerDecor Custom Organizers

DrawerDecor Custom Organizers

DrawerDecor (Images courtesy Daily Grommet)
By Andrew Liszewski

In addition to drawers full of random utensils in my kitchen, as a gadget writer I also have drawers full of random chargers, cables, adapters and other contraptions I use regularly enough that I’m hesitant to throw them out. I also happen to be the type who likes his crap fairly well organized, so Keith Neilson’s DrawerDecor organization system immediately caught my eye.

Its real beauty is how modular and easy to configure it is. You start off with a ‘BaseMat’ made of sticky food-grade silicone that you trim to fit the bottom of the drawer, or even places like toolboxes and cupboards. By itself it ensures anything you place on it won’t slide around as it’s opened or closed. But the system is taken one step further with the included ‘Divitz’ dividers which stick to the BaseMat creating an infinite number of custom-sized slots for even the most irregularly shaped item. (It should definitely keep my N-Gage in place.) A 16-piece set in red, blue, orange, purple or lime runs $24.95, while a “Mix n’ Match” 3-pack is $74.85, or exactly the same price as 3 regular sets.

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