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Selk’bag Introduces The 4G Lite, Makes Sleeping Anywhere And Everywhere Even Easier

Selk’bag Introduces The 4G Lite, Makes Sleeping Anywhere And Everywhere Even Easier

Selk’bag 4G Lite (Images courtesy Selk'bags)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m the type of person who literally feels like they’re in a straightjacket when zipped into a conventional sleeping bag. I can’t stand it. So when camping I’ll usually go to bed with my sleeping back completely unzipped, and more often than not I’ll spend the night feeling cold and equally uncomfortable. But a few years ago when I first saw the original Selk’bag, and realized it summed up all my hopes and dreams in one fell swoop, it immediately found a place in my coveted ‘Greatest Inventions Of All Time’ list. Unfortunately you can get mighty toasty wearing a warm sleeping bag all day, but the company has managed to stay one step ahead of my unreasonable demands and has just announced the latest version of their sleeping bag suits, the 4G Lite, which like the name implies is lighter and easier to wear for longer periods.

In fact the new Selk’bag Lite, which happens to be the 4th generation of their sleepwear system, is about 30% lighter than previous versions. It’s rated to about 45 degrees Fahrenheit so you won’t want to rely on it in situations where the temperature drops below the freezing mark, but it also makes the 4G Lite easier to wear in situations where it’s just cool out, without getting too warm. It’s probably a touch easier to move around in too, so in theory you could roll out of bed and enjoy a day’s worth of activities while camping or cottaging without ever having to change. The Selk’bag 4G Lite is available in 3 different colors and in kid sizes for $79.99, and adult sizes for $99.99.

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