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Tomy Introduces Super Control Beyblades – The World’s First Remote Control Spinning Top

Super Control Beyblades (Images courtesy DigInfo TV)
By Andrew Liszewski

Beyblades came along well after my trips to the store started with a stroll down the toy aisles. But I get the idea. You spin them up real good like, launch them into a plastic bowl and let physics and gravity do their thing until a ‘last top standing’ winner is declared. But now, Takara Tomy has found a way to take some of the randomness out of who wins a Beyblade battle. Their new Super Control Beyblades can actually be controlled via an IR remote, letting combatants accelerate, reverse and even stop their Beyblades in the middle of the arena. It’s all accomplished by an electric motor inside the top which increases, decreases or even cancels out their spin, making them move and react more like they do in the anime TV series.

[ DigInfo TV – Super Control Beyblade – IR Remote Control Beyblades ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]

  • Joshua Glass

    Actually, they already had radio controlled Beyblades which had a forwards and backwards control.  Maybe these will be easier to control.

  • Rick

    Any U.S. distributors?