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Alpinist Extra Rugged P&S Camera Cases

Alpinist Extra Rugged P&S Camera Cases

Alpinist Extra Rugged P&S Camera Cases (Images courtesy Mogomoto Prototype LLC)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re the clutzy type who’s always dropping their electronics – like off the side of a mountain – these Alpinist metal camera cases are pretty much the only chance your digital camera has of surviving. They look like a black box recovered from an alien spacecraft, but are actually made here on good ol’ Earth from machined aircraft grade 6061 T6 and 5052 aluminum alloys. As a result they weigh less than 165 grams but are impact resistant and water resistant when the lid is closed and sealed.

Inside the cases are lined with strategically positioned low density foam to absorb some of the impact should its durability be put to the test, and on the outside there’s loops and mounts for attaching carabineers or strapping it to your pack. The Alpinist cases are available in a wide variety of sizes designed to fit the smallest compact P&S cameras up to larger sub-DSLR models like the Leica D-Lux, and range in price from $58.95 up to $119.95.

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