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Turn Your iPhone Into An Air Guitar

Turn Your iPhone Into An Air Guitar

Air Guitar Move for iPhone (Image courtesy Colin and Ronald)
By Andrew Liszewski

In the past we’ve tried to avoid posting concept products because quite frankly, they were a tease. They were a figment of some industrial designer’s imagination, and the chances of any of them ever coming to market were slim to none. But thanks to online fundraising sites like Kickstarter, many concept products now have a fighting chance of becoming a reality.

And the latest Kickstarter project to pique our curiosity is the Air Guitar Move. It’s a combination app + hardware, in this case a motion sensing guitar pick, that lets you strum away in the air producing actual sounds with your impressive air guitar routine. Its creators, Ronald Mannak and Colin Karpfinger, have already brought other best-selling music toys and iPhone accessories to the market, but for their latest venture they’re hoping to raise $25,000 in the next 25 days.

In addition to a free play mode which lets wannabe rockstars do their thing (even using their iPhone in their other hand as a fretboard) the accompanying app will also include a Guitar Hero-like rhythm game. In fact, the Air Guitar Move hardware is being built in the same factory where GH was built, supervised by the same engineering team. So it’s certainly one of the few Kickstarter projects that really seem to have their act together. And something tells me if they don’t raise sufficient funds this way, they won’t have much difficulty finding other backers.

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