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Nixon’s ‘The Genie’ Watch Is Like Having A Magic 8 Ball Strapped To Your Wrist

Nixon 'The Genie' Watch (Images courtesy Nixon)
By Andrew Liszewski

Got a tough decision to make? Forget about weighing the pros and cons or applying any kind of logic to the matter. Just leave it to chance with Nixon’s new ‘The Genie’ watch. It’s available in 7 different color combos and includes standard functions like the time, date, timer and a stopwatch, all available by rotating the bezel to switch between modes. But what will certainly be its claim to fame is a ‘Magic 8 Ball’ mode which responds to any question you ask with one of 15 random messages. It’s also got a polycarbonate case and silicone band that’s waterproof to 100 meters, and a hardened mineral crystal scratch-resistant face. All for $120.

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